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Fall in love with Beach House at Lover’s Point

Overlooking the gorgeous Lover’s Point waterfront, The Beach House restaurant offers not only a spectacular view of the Monterey Peninsula skyline, but also one of the best dining experiences in Pacific Grove.bacon wrapped meatloaf chappell

Upon entrance, you can chose to eat in the romantically lit dining room or on the outdoor patio lit up by gorgeous Christmas lights and unique fire pits with columns of fire, but no matter where you eat, it is a guarantee that you will get one of the best views of Lover’s Point out there along with the city lights of the peninsula skyline.

From the moment you walk into the restaurant, you can tell the wait staff is on top of their game. Whether they are waiting tables or serving drinks at the indoor bar, it is clear that their goal is to be as attentive as possible, serving you your meals and drinks in a short amount of time.

Starting off the meal, waiters bring each table unlimited bread, made fresh in the kitchen, and butter. Along with the complimentary bread, the starters are just as good as the main course meals.

While it is only a special, the mushroom and thyme bisque is well prepared, having a smooth texture and a mushroom flavor enhanced and not smothered by thyme. Other starters are just as good, like the Caesar salad, reasonably portioned so you won’t fill up before the main course.

The California cuisine menu does not stand by the standards of stereotypical, baby-portioned, low-calorie Californian meals, a plus in my book. Instead, the menu consists of decent-sized portions that fill you up and are rich in flavor.

mud pie photo by chappell salmon chappell

One meal that specifically stands out from Californian cuisine is the bacon-wrapped meatloaf, which sounds artery-clogging, but is one of the most unique and savory meals on the menu with a sauce that makes the mouth water. The meal is also served with cooked carrots that have a sweetness to go along with the smoky flavor of the bacon and the savory flavor of the meatloaf.

The chefs know what they’re doing, balancing flavors exquisitely, like with their flame-broiled pork tenderloin, which consists of tart red cabbage that contradicts yet complements the sweetness of the apples and French hard cider sauce to add flavor to a simple but succulent, tender piece of pork plated on top of a bed of mashed potatoes that are fluffy and have little to no lumps in them.

For those who have a more delicate palate, meals like the grilled king salmon filet, which has no fishy after-taste to it and takes on a subtle chicken flavor, and the simple rigatoni with a basil cream are just as good as the fancier meals, but much lighter.

To finish off whatever delicious meal you order, The Beach House offers a simple dessert menu not to be overlooked, consisting of classic desserts, like mud pie with real coffee grounds in the ice cream served on a thin but decadent cookie crust with fresh almonds to add a crunch to the chocolaty dessert. Despite the classical deserts, there are also unique desserts, like chocolate crème brulé topped with the best raspberry topping around to add a tart flavor to the moussey dessert.pork chappell

The Beach House is a fantastic restaurant not only because of the great atmosphere, superb staff and delicious meals, but also because of the reasonably priced sunset special. If you are seated between 5 and 6 p.m., you will have the choice to order from a special menu consisting of several regular dishes, but all at $10 a plate instead of the regular prices that can go up to $19.

I highly recommend The Beach House, located directly across from the park at Lover’s Point, to anyone looking for affordable yet delicious meals accompanied with a welcoming staff and breathtaking view.

-Caitlin Chappell

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