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Downtown Monterey Turns a page, Alvarado Street redesigned

In the past two years, downtown Monterey, specifically Alvarado Street, has been thoroughly revitalized by the Monterey Planning Office and by recently opened restaurants which attract the younger population, conference center attendees, tourists and even locals.

Recently, Alvarado Street has become a hub for a younger demographic. Downtown’s strategic location makes it accessible to students attending Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterey Peninsula College and the Naval Postgraduate School. Keeping this in mind, some restaurants that have opened in the past few years include Poke Lab, Alvarado Ramen, Revival Ice+Cream, Alvarado Street Brewery & Grill and Boardwalk Sub Shop.

Ron Mendoza, the manager of Revival Ice+Cream, had worked in Carmel before deciding to open his own business on Alvarado. He explains that he wanted to establish his shop in a place separate from Carmel with the hopes of catering to a local clientele, and Alvarado Street had everything that he needed.

“I am very thankful to have been able to open up on this street because our clientele always appreciates us for our work,” Mendoza says, “and they thank us for opening something they can eat whenever.”

Employee Deserey Williams, who works at Alvarado Street Brewery & Grill, explains that the location has proven successful since its inception.

“The place has taken off since we opened, and it first attracted more locals. Soon, tourists began to come as well,” Williams says. “A lot of conferences occur at the hotels nearby, and those hotels recommend us.”

Howard and Terry Teplitzky, the owners of Boardwalk Sub Shop, have also been happy with the location and use delivery service to reach even more people.

“When we decided to open our first shop, we thought of Alvarado because it seemed like a good area,” Terry Teplitzky says. “We have a good mix of tourists and local clientele

Downtown Monterey has always been the heart of the city, and in recent years Kimberly Cole, the chief of Monterey Planning, has been working hard to increase appeal and attraction to the area. Cole explains that Monterey’s Downtown renaissance is continuing through new shops. In addition, there have been 21 new residential apartments added with either retail or restaurant space.

“These projects are fulfilling our vision for mixed-use development outlined in the Downtown Specific Plan,” Cole says.

Not only is Alvarado a place where college students can gather, but also local high school students and their families. Carmel High School sophomore Stef Ortiz recalls her successful experience on Alvarado Street.

“Last time I went to Alvarado with my family, it had actually been awhile since I had gone, and I saw how many new restaurants opened up,” Ortiz says. “I went to Poke Lab as well as [Alvarado Ramen], and it was very nice to see the people around there.”

-Grace Davis

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