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Though he may seem like an ordinary educator, Carmel High School’s latest edition to the science department, physics teacher Don Freitas, is living proof that there is more than meets the eye to the average teacher.

A science instructor for 12 years, Freitas got his start in education with a degree in physics from the University of California at San Diego before getting his start teaching in Watsonville.

“I’ve exclusively worked in physics throughout my career,” says the UCSD graduate, going on to note his excitement for teaching at CHS in particular.

“The community has been extremely welcoming,” Freitas notes.

However, the educator has not exclusively worked as a teacher in physics. On his off time, he notes his passion for swing dancing—both in participating in the activity and teaching it.

“I’ve been swing dancing for over twenty years,” Freitas says.

Science teacher Joe Mello explains his excitement for Freitas joining the science department, noting that he has already come to enjoy him as both a teacher and colleague.

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