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Dear Padres,


Dear Padres,

As you are aware, the State Superintendent released a decision yesterday to close school in California for the remainder of the year. Over the course of today I have read what other educational leaders have written. Get a hold of Mr. Peterson’s and Mr. Morgan’s messages if you can, they are brilliant. I will not be as eloquent I’m afraid. All I can say is this…sucks. I wish I could find another word. I’m sure if I turned this in to Mr. Schmidt, he would circle this word in bright red ink. I’m convinced Mr. Palshaw would crumple this up and fire it into the trashcan like he was back in college on the pitching rubber. I’m sure I would get a mildly disapproving look if I laid this on Ms. McBride’s desk. I thank the heavens I don’t have to get this graded (I graduated too long ago to count). But for all my education, it’s the word that best fits. It’s authentic to what we are all experiencing. This SUCKS!

I do not have the answers to what will happen next. I do not have a sense for what the end of the year will bring. I can assure you that we, the staff of CHS, are working to figure all this out. We are exploring all avenues and grasping at any idea that comes to mind. We are making plans on top of plans. As new information comes out we will share it and how it impacts you. Every day brings a new challenge and a new set of obstacles to overcome. 

Know that I speak for the whole staff when I say we miss you all and would love nothing more than to be on campus with you. We miss watching you act, sing, dance, play and perform. We miss you walking the halls and sitting in the amphitheater. We will find a way to celebrate together sometime in the near future. I know we as a school will rise out of this better for it. In these highly abnormal times we will succeed because we are not normal, we are Padres. 

Please take care of yourselves and reach out if you need help. 

Always Proud To Be A Padre, 

Jonathan Lyons

Principal, Carmel High School

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  • Thank you for keeping it REAL!!!♥️

  • I used the same word to describe this. It just kind of captures the whole of this situation.

  • Hang in there Padres….this too shall pass!! Stay safe, and we will see you soon.

    Karl Pallastrini

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