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Dance performs finale

Paris Dance (Taken by Emma Fuzie)The final dance show of the school year, which opened on May 9, was filled with a variety of dances ranging from hip-hop to interpretive to tap-dancing and greeted the audience with a multitude of different styles.

Dance program coordinator and teacher Kristine Tarozzi expresses positive opinions of the final show and the frantic week beforehand.

“Dance shows and almost any performing arts performance are frantic before the curtain goes up,” says Tarozzi, commenting on the stressful week before the show. “But we had a good range of styles for the audience and for the dancers.”

Senior Kyra Burns, aiming toward a dance major at UCLA, says that the dance show was an incredible experience for the dancers as well as the audience.

Looking back on a successful career at CHS, Burns says, “It was a great last show for the end of the year and a great last dance show for me as my dancing at Carmel High comes to a close.”


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