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Cyclebar hosts Big Sur fundraiser, raises $850 for community

Members of the Carmel community began their morning workout on Aug. 6 at CycleBar, peddling their way through the fundraising class which raised $850 to aid the community in Big Sur.

Several Carmel High teachers and students participated in the cycling class in order to raise awareness and money for the cause. Already, the cycling studio that opened in early June has garnered a reputation for hosting fundraising classes known as “CycleGiving events.” According to Gennifer Millington, an instructor at CycleBar, the studio does its best to host at least five CycleGiving events a week.

CHS Health teacher Leigh Cambra attended CycleBar’s first CycleGiving event during the summer for Monterey High School’s football team where she met Millington. The two of them began talking about Big Sur, so when Cambra mentioned the volunteer work she and CHS Spanish teacher Bridget Randazzo do with their group of students from This Club Saves Lives, Millington offered to give her time for free to host the ride.

“We got together, picked a date, and it was almost full,” Millington says. “There were a lot of people there supporting. It was really exciting.”

CHS digital media teacher Holly Lederle attended the class after hearing about it from Cambra.

“[The ride] was more fun than I thought,” Lederle says. “I am not a big gym person, but I liked it so much that I went back for another class.”

All of the money raised is going toward the needs of the community members in Big Sur who are still suffering from the destruction of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge that occurred in February. South Highway 1 and Nacimiento Road are still the only access points available. However, Nacimiento Road faced some damages as well, leaving the road inaccessible most of the day—the road is cleared of construction for 30 minutes in the morning and evening, allowing cars to pass.

Because of the limited access the community in the region has to Carmel, it is difficult for them to supply basic needs such as groceries.

This is why This Club Saves Lives has bought groceries for the community in Big Sur and delivered it to them five times. Members of the club take vans full of students and groceries all the way to Big Sur Lodge, where they unpack the bags from the van and hike them up the trail to the local post office, where the community members await with gratitude.

To put on a CycleGiving event, local nonprofits may reach out to CycleBar and choose a date for the class. They also have the option of determining the fee, although the standard $25 is recommended.

CycleBar is located in the Carmel Rancho Shopping Center and offers free 30-minute classes every Saturday at 11:30 a.m. for those interested in cycling.

This Club Saves Saves Lives delivered groceries and supplies to the community in Big Sur through Aug. 29. If interested in aiding the club, contact Cambra at lcambra@carmelunified.org.


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