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Congressman Jimmy Panetta visits CHS to encourage young voices in politics

Published Mar. 30, 2023


United States Congressman Jimmy Panetta visited the CHS campus March 21 to discuss his role as a federal representative with a classroom of students. 

All CHS students were welcome to attend the meeting with Congressman Panetta during their lunch period, and several of the roughly 30 attendees took advantage of the opportunity to inquire about public policies, as well as Panetta’s responsibilities and journey as a congressman.

“I’m here not to convince you to go into politics, but to tell you to continue forward in whatever you do,” Panetta explained during his presentation to the students. “We cannot maintain our democracy without people giving back and without people playing their part.”  

Congressman Jimmy Panetta’s relationship with Public Policy Club president Marcus Michie allows him to connect with students at CHS. (photo by BRIANNA SCIUTO)

The congressman hopes to inspire civic engagement in youth and encourage them to influence local governmental affairs outside of the ballot box by remaining involved and serving their community.

The anticipated event was organized by junior Marcus Michie, an intern at the Panetta Institute and the president of the Public Policy Club, which congregates in Room 36 every Tuesday to discuss current politics.

“It was great to have him come to the public policy club because he’s so high in government, but also because he’s local,” says Michie, who also expresses gratitude for the ability to spread the opportunity to his civically minded peers, an endeavor that grew last year into the Public Policy Club.  

Having two daughters who currently attend CHS, Panetta hopes to maintain his relationship with the students there, and he emphasizes the significance of all perspectives in democracy.

“It’s always great to speak to the youth and to hear their opinions as to what’s going on because they are the future,” Panetta says. “We need to be making decisions at the federal level not just according to how people over 18 see it.” 


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