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CHS students find educational opportunities over summer at local community college

Published May 10, 2024


With students exploring new areas of interest, furthering their experience in a certain subject or looking to advance to a higher level class at CHS, many have turned to Monterey Peninsula College in order to achieve their goals over the summer.

Because of CHS and MPC’s agreement, students can dual-enroll and take college classes anytime throughout the year, including summer. In addition, some college math classes can directly transfer over to the high school, allowing students to further their education in a shorter amount of time.

With many students wanting to expand their educational opportunities, they turn to Monterey Peninsula College to meet their goals. (photo by NICOLE MIRSKI)

“There are a lot of benefits to taking a summer class,” says Jeff Rogers, a CHS counselor. “Some of the benefits are [students are] increasing their dual-enrollment classes, they’re increasing their A-G requirements, they’re taking more rigor, it allows students to branch out and take classes we don’t have … so they’d have more classes taken within their area of interest.”

Both senior Harper Hohman and junior Kylie Wright took Math 263, the equivalent to Integrated III, the summer after their freshman year in order to get ahead and into a more rigorous course.

“I wanted to take that class because I wasn’t feeling challenged with the math track I was previously on,” says Wright. “I decided to take Math 263 over the summer in order to go into Pre-Calculus my sophomore year.

Whether the reasoning is to get further along the math track or explore the numerous different possibilities, many have noticed and remarked on the merit of taking a college class over the summer. Junior Maddox Zarazua has taken six classes at MPC over the past few years, three of which were over the summer, including Intro to Business after his freshman year and Business Law and Programming Fundamentals last summer. 

“I can say that it is a great way to get some classes based on your career interest out of the way so you don’t have to pay for them in college,” says Zarazua. “Most of these classes do not take a lot of your time, maybe four hours weekly, and they’re asynchronous meaning the professor will assign an assignment, lecture and deadline and it is up to you when to complete it at home. It’s easy if you set up certain days to study for certain subjects.”

According to Rogers, MPC business classes are most popular for CHS students with many taking them in order to test if they would enjoy majoring in business and to get a step up.

“Given that there were not any business options offered at Carmel High at the time, I took advantage of this opportunity to add experience to my resume and get ahead of other business majors that may not have had this opportunity,” says junior Nicole Tapson, who took Intro to Business. 

While taking a college-level summer class can be beneficial for multiple reasons, there could be possible detrimental effects, including taking up time during summer and the chance of not doing well. Even though high school grades are only used to get to the next level, college transcripts are used past schooling, even when applying for a job.

“I would rather kids take classes at MPC when they’re older,” says Rogers. “I want students to know that when you take a college course, those grades stay with you for life. I don’t want students to go over there and take a class if they’re not ready. There needs to be maturity and a readiness to go take a class like that.”

Overall, multiple students have found the benefits of taking a summer class at MPC to be prevalent if the right time and dedication is put into each class.

“The course was worth it,” says Tapson. “The workload was very manageable and did not take away from my summer experience.”

For more information about college classes at Monterey Peninsula College, visit mpc.edu


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