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CHS runner jets by school records and through track season

Published April 2, 2024


Running seriously since eighth grade and finishing 17th in state in 2023, and first in the Pacific Coast Athletic league during the cross-country season CHS junior Mack Aldi, a three-year varsity runner who broke the school record for the mile with 4 minutes, 18 seconds his sophomore year, is gearing up for his next lap. 

“I’ve really developed a passion for it,” Aldi says. “I love the high from the adrenaline before the race.”

Aldi says he plans to focus on certain events this year, namely the 800-meter dash and the mile run in order to be more competitive for college. 

“I realized my sophomore year that running in college was something I could do, and I want to do,” Aldi says. “This year I’m trying to break 1 minute, 50 seconds for the 800.”

An average workout for the league champion is anywhere from three to seven miles a day and can take from half an hour to two hours. The runner also does strength training to avoid injury and make him more explosive off the start.

Varsity track runner and school record holder Mack Aldi runs for up to two hours a day. (photo by RIKK KVITEK)

“Injury is always a concern,” Aldi says. “Good core power and hamstring flexibility is super important to not get injured. A lot of people underestimate how important core strength is for running.”

Aldi’s teammates and coaches describe him as a dedicated and hardworking runner who can always be found out on the track.

“He’s always working,” says varsity track member Zackary Lander.

The runner has been consistently dropping his times since his freshman year. His best time for the mile freshman year was 4 minutes, 37 seconds, and since then he has continued to push that time, eventually dropping down to 4:18 last season, a school record.

“Mack brings it every day,” says assistant track and field coach Matt King. “When he races, he’s all in.”

King has been working with Aldi since he was in eighth grade. In a tough and competitive environment, team spirit and camaraderie on the track team is the most important thing for the runner. 

“I love the team, and I love the people,” Aldi says. “When we’re at a meet, it’s all intense competition, but as soon as it’s over, we’re all congratulating each other and throwing up.”

This energy, Aldi says, is his favorite part of the season. In the future, Aldi hopes to continue running in college and has taken several unofficial visits since he first broke the school record last year.

“It’s been great to watch him grow as an athlete and an individual,” says King. “His dedication is infectious, and it rubs off on the younger athletes.”

The varsity runner is always chasing records at CHS. 

Aldi says, “I want to keep breaking records this year too.”


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