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CHS males strut their stuff in Mr. Padre competition

The second annual Mr. Padre competition took place April 19, where eight hopeful contestants faced off for the grand title of Mr. Padre, and this year’s winner was senior Zack Olivas.

The event was hosted by hilarious math teacher Dawn Hatch and last year’s winner, senior Hunter Garrison.

“I like this because the boys that compete come with the right attitude,” Hatch says. “They know it’s fun, but they also want to win and that’s a great combination.”

Last year, Garrison was crowned the first ever Mr. Padre.

“It feels pretty great because I know it’s going to be a legacy,” Garrison says. “Mr. Padres are going to be remembered for all their days.”

The competition consisted of three rounds. The first was the beach-wear competition in which the boys put on a fashion show with clothing provided by On The Beach. Olivas walked on stage sporting khaki shorts and a handsome button-up shirt, adding his own twist with an upside-down visor.

Hatch remarked to the audience that Olivas enjoys shopping at the Baby Gap, in reference to his shirts that are always one size too small.

The most intimidating round for Mr. Padre contestants was the talent portion where the boys were given an opportunity to show off and perform for the judges and audience.

When Olivas first walked on stage for his talent, the audience was anxious to see what he was going to do. The first few beats of a techno soundtrack started playing and during an awkward 30 seconds of intro, Olivas staring blankly at the audience.

When the beat dropped, though, Olivas began to flex his peck muscles in sync with the music, creating a roar of screams and whistles—mostly from female audience members.

The only way Olivas could describe his unusual talent is “genetic perfection.”

It was definitely the most original talent of the night.

“Be bold, and don’t be afraid to put yourself outside the box,” says Garrison, who gave an a cappella performance of Rascal Flatts’ “Bless the Broken Road” last year. “Everyone is interesting in his own way.”

The boys also proved to the judges that they could clean up by dressing in evening wear provided by Men’s Warehouse.

Olivas was escorted by senior Becca Graves, and all escorts were dressed by Epiphany Boutique.

This year’s contestants will be featured in a calendar. Olivas is not only the new Mr. Padre, but he will also be featured as Mr. June.

Mr. Padre will hopefully become a new tradition for a fundraiser for the junior and senior prom.


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