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CHS boys find no restrooms for the weary


Despite the recent completion of various construction projects on campus, it seems that the Carmel High restroom facilities—at least the boys’ facilities—have been overlooked.

“Some simple fixes would do a lot to get rid of many of the problems and make the restrooms better for teachers and students,” senior Abe Reyes says.

The upper boys’ restroom is located next to several classrooms, which means that gossip is easily overheard by anyone sitting in class. To make matters worse, the door to that restroom opens toward the classrooms—which means that anyone standing at the hand dryer can wave toward Matt Borek’s health and science classes.

“They really aren’t that bad,” senior Tyler Olthlof notes. “It’s just that people make a mess and one of the hand dryers is in a weird place.”

The restroom closest to the library has a hand dryer located right next to a urinal, which forces one to wait with wet hands until the person occupying the urinal finishes up.

In addition, the stall barriers have some infamous graffiti.

“It ranges from interesting poems to slanderous comments,” senior Nick Lipari says.

CHS senior Austin Moonan shared his opinion by saying that “students don’t treat the restrooms well at all.” When asked about improvements, he says that “the paper towels should be brought back [because] the dryers just don’t work.”

It’s clear that some male students on campus have a quite a few issues with the restrooms at school.

-Alex Pulido

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