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Published Sept. 5, 2023


Students seeking support with their schedule, counseling or dual enrollment will first receive guidance from Carmel High School alumna Chloe Kincaid who has returned to fill the role of College and Career Center Coordinator. 

After graduating from CHS in 2010, Kincaid went on to study at Monterey Peninsula College before transferring to University of Massachusetts Global and obtaining a degree in psychology. The passion she discovered in that field eventually led her into education.

Chloe Kincaid. (photo by SHAYLA DUTTA)

“I love working with young people, and I’m a social person,” Kincaid says, “so I’m really excited to interact with students and help guide them in any way possible.”

Before starting at CUSD, Kincaid worked for Pacific Grove Unified School District in special education. Now, she’s hoping to offer CHS students some of the support she sought when she was in their shoes.

Outside of school, the alumna enjoys spending time outdoors. After getting started on the CHS team her freshman and sophomore years, Kincaid ended up cheerleading competitively for six years. Now, she both skis and snowboards whenever she’s able to make it to the snow. Eventually, she may return to school to study for a masters in child psychology.

“If I can be of any help to students,” Kincaid says, “or make high school any better, that’s what I want to do here.”

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