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‘Catching Fire’ burns up big screen with sequel

Aram: Did you catch that new flick? I think it’s called “Catching Fire.”

Tatjana: Yeah, well who hasn’t? So did you like it?

Aram: You know, I liked some parts, especially the parts with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence). She’s a babe.

Tatjana: Ha ha, no. It’s all about Thor’s little brother, Gale (Liam Hemsworth). Not that he was in it much, but I’m not complaining.lawrence and hutcherson again

Aram: OK, but let’s be real here. You can’t have the Hunger Games without Peeta (Josh Hutcherson)….

Tatjana: Yeah he’s so strong…NOT! He’s down in every single movie, and he literally needs to be carried around by Katniss. I mean, come on.

Aram: Honestly, a blind man would have a better chance of winning those games than him.Lawrence and Hutcherson

Tatjana: Yeah, but at the same time you have to feel kinda sorry for him. In every scene he’s either getting rejected by Katniss or getting injured. He’s like a sad little puppy.

Aram: Which is why it irritates me that he has to volunteer when instead he could have let Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) play with Katniss.

Tatjana: Yeah, Haymitch is way cooler than Peeta, and even though he’s way older, he probably would have been a lot more helpful. But then again, Hutcherson is 5-foot-6, so he kind of needs Lawrence to take care of him…again.Lawrence, Hemsworth,check last person

Aram: But is the middle of a force-fielded dome with 22 other people trying to kill you a good place to take care of someone?

Tatjana: I guess not…. Well, besides the whole Peeta thing, the movie was pretty good. My main complaint is that the movie was just a serious downer the entire time. It goes from some depressing scene of people starving to tributes getting killed.

Aram: I agree with you on that one. As soon as you think something slightly positive is going to happen, you see Mags (Lynn Cohen) sacrifice herself into the acidic mist to save Peeta’s life.

Tatjana: So were you burnin’ up with love for those costumes? I know I was. They were literally on fire!Lawence, Hutcherson, and Elizabeth Banks

Aram: Yeah, dude, but I’m sure you didn’t notice how hot that Katniss girl was…because dayum!

Tatjana: Katniss may be hot, but did you notice how much spit there was when she kissed the guys? There was, like, a string of drool. That aside, the whole movie seemed pretty accurate to the book, and the book was way long so they did a good job fitting everything in. What did you think?

Aram: Yeah, they definitely did, but I heard somewhere that the last book is being split up into two movies. I think the next movie is gonna blow because the first part of the last book was pretty boring.

Tatjana: It’s pretty stupid that they’re doing that, but all the big book-based movies like “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” are doing that. What did you think of the acting?

Aram: I gotta say they deserve brownie points with a little something extra as credit to their acting. I have to say I did believe that Jennifer Lawrence has absolutely great acting skills, but I didn’t like Hutcherson. He was just waaaayyy too cheesy. You feel me?

Tatjana: Yeah, I’m not really a fan of Hutcherson. They probably should have hired someone else for the role. But my all-time fave scene, acting wise, was when Johanna (Jenna Malone) took off her clothes in the elevator. Everyone’s acting was just perfect.

Aram: I gotta say I would’ve definitely gone with Haymitch’s reaction because that girl is a dime.

Tatjana: Ha ha! Well, it’s good to know what you were paying attention to. Anyways, I guess we’ll have to wait until the next movie to see what happens to your girls Johanna and Katniss after that dramatic ending.


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