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Carmel students to embark February en France

Parlez-vous français? Allons-y à la France? Est-ce que vous voulez grimper la tour Eiffel? Est-ce que vous voulez manger les cuisses de grenouille?

Eighteen CHS students are set to depart for France during CUSD’s February break and will experience French culture firsthand. Students interested can still enroll before Sept. 30.

During the trip, students will experience French culture in Paris, visit historical sites in Normandy and tour the old castles of the Loire Valley. The week-long trip will conclude with an ascent up the Eiffel Tower before coming back to the U.S.

CHS French teacher and trip coordinator Suzanne Marden was asked to hold another trip to France by current senior Casey Goldberg.

“I was inspired to go do the France Tripwonderful things I heard about from the last [trip],” Goldberg says. “I wanted to have the opportunity to go and experience traveling to France for myself.”

On the previous journey to France, the CHS students were incorporated with other school groups, which, Marden says, made the experience less enjoyable for students than was initially hoped. Luckily for Marden, she has found a program with which she is much happier.

“My goal for the trip is for students to be exposed to French culture and come to appreciate the beauty I find in France,” Marden explains. “I want students to experience the joy of travel and accepting that one culture’s way of doing things isn’t necessarily better than another.”

Many students are exhilarated about spending a week in France with a great group of students and chaperones.

“I am definitely most excited to explore France a second time, but this time getting to go with a huge group of friends and teachers,” junior Madi Brothers says. “I hope to learn more about the French culture and language now that I have taken French class for four years.”

If you are a student interested in attending, contact Marden at smarden@carmelunified.org, or visit the page on MySchool. The deadline to enroll is Sept. 30.

-Joyce Doherty


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