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Carmel Pops concert to feature CHS orchestra and local performers


The arts have a longstanding tradition in the Carmel area and in the upcoming Carmel Pops performance, a showcase of music, theater and dance, local groups including CHS’ string orchestra will display their talent Oct. 21-22.

“The Carmel Pops concert is a byproduct of last year’s centennial celebration and the history of arts in the area,” CHS music teacher Brian Handley says.

In celebration of Carmel’s 100th birthday, a concert featuring local artists was hosted at the Carmel Outdoor Forest Theater last October. Due to its success, producer Walt deFaria called back the CHS orchestra, Carmel Academy of Performing Arts and his hand-selected musical theater group to perform as featured acts at Carmel Pops.

“This concert broadens what is normally performed at the Forest Theater—musical comedy,” deFaria notes. “In this case, the variety show does something different and represents Carmel’s adoration and spirit in the arts.”

Gracie Poletti, CHS drama teacher and hostess of the show, says that last year was a great success, and the money raised from the performance will go to the CHS department of performing arts, CAPA and the Forest Theater Foundation.  

According to Handley, people from around the community who had not seen the CHS orchestra saw the performance and were amazed by the work going on up at the high school.

“It was a great audience who was very enthusiastic,” Handley says, “and even though many of them judged neutrally due to their lack of connection to the performers, people contacted me congratulating our group on our work and performance.”

Among the many acts, the CHS orchestra is performing pieces from the Academy Award-winning “La La Land,” along with “West Side Story,” the Beatles, “Game of Thrones” and “Hamilton.” Additionally, scenes from “Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake” and “An American in Paris” are being performed by CAPA.

“I’m really excited to perform because in the past I have been injured,” CHS junior and CAPA dancer Claire Rammel says. “It’s really exciting to be able to perform outside our school for the community.”

While deFaria has complete faith in his performers and the show in general, he is concerned about having a full audience.

“My only worry is getting a great audience, just so the community can see how talented all the acts are,” deFaria says. “Additionally, if all goes well, I hope this could become an annual type of performance.”

The show opens Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m. and Oct. 22 at 5:30 p.m. at the Carmel Forest Theater at the corner of Santa Rita Street and Mountain View Avenue. Tickets can be purchased at brownpapertickets.com.



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