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Carmel High alumni band breaking up or seeking fame down under?

For one of Monterey County’s most iconic Indie-punk bands, the start of Fish n’ Chips at the Somos gallery in Salinas may have been the last show of Glass House, a favorite local band composed of Carmel High alumni. However, Australia may provide a new beginning for Glass House.

As of the last performance, the official lineup of Glass House had Meagan Hoch on vocals, Wesley Kise on lead guitar, Kevin “Bagle” Nagle on drums and Bryce Bishop, returning from the land down under, on bass guitar.

Bishop and Hoch have plans to move to Melbourne together; this is the main reason the band is breaking up. However, Kise plans to join his bandmates in Melbourne for a couple of months as well. The only problem is Nagle.

Nagle currently attends school in Monterey and has yet to decide whether or not to make the journey with the rest of Glass House. Although his absence would not deter the rest of the band from making music, they all have expressed that having Nagle in Australia would make the band complete, keeping the synergy of the original band intact.

This shift from the U.S. to Australia could open doors for the band members, who hope the change in pace will give them better opportunities.

“The venues in Melbourne are pretty great,” Hoch says. “A lot more of the younger community is going to bars to watch bands play.”

On Feb. 4, the original band members came together and busted out one groovy last show. Their set list included “Bad Reputation,” by Joan Jett, and “Should I stay or should I go,” by The Clash, among others. The band also came into the show with older original songs and even one new track, called DFK. The band has had “last shows” before, and so far none have been permanent.

Having Bishop back in the band has restored the original good feelings, though the transition was no picnic for Bishop.  

“It was rough,” Bishop says, “but it was really cool practicing leading up to it and working as a band again.”

The return of Bishop meant the return of Glass House. The band was seemingly done for when it faced creative differences with its former bassist, Zach Gattis. But Bishop’s return sparked creativity and harmony in Glass House once more.

Though Glass House may not survive the move down to Melbourne, the move won’t be the end of the members’ music careers. Bishop has plans to play in a ska band once he returns to Australia, and Hoch has an interest in doing solo work.

“[The band] holds a huge place in my heart,” Kise explains, “but I think of it as just the beginning of my career, so I’m not too sad about it. This may be the end of era, but it could be the start of something new and a shift musically from being amateur garage rockers, to something more musically mature.”

-Archer Michaels

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