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Budding philanthropist improves lives through school club


Coral Barrett

Having worked innumerable hours over her high school career to help improve lives of people both close and far away, Carmel High School senior Coral Barrett aims to assist as many people as possible by serving as the president of This Club Saves Lives, an organization aiming to provide a safe environment for the formation of globally-beneficial ideas.

Barrett has been involved in TCSL both her junior and senior year, embarking on many humanitarian endeavors including delivering food to families in Big Sur who cannot feasibly get it themselves due to impassable roads.

“She took a large role in planning the Thirst Gala,” says TCSL adviser Leigh Cambra, referring to an event aimed at raising money to build a well in Swaziland.

Often times, women in Swaziland have to carry immense amounts of water every day, a problem that a well would help alleviate, according to Barrett.

The senior also values strong leadership qualities and trains to develop them in places such as CHS’ leadership class, as well as acting as ambassador for AIM for Mental Awareness. Although she was the CHS student body’s vice president last year, the dancer says she did not join leadership class this year due to a larger project: the formation of a new “Changemakers” class.

Barrett says the Changemakers class would be similar to TCSL, but would emphasize public speaking and the generation of ideas.

“We have extremely passionate people with many diverse talents,” Barrett says. “Teaching philanthropy is the future.”

In addition to caring for people outside of her community, Barrett also strengthens the local community by means of a hobby to which she devotes a lot of time: dance.

“I’ve been teaching dance to children since I was 12,” the humanitarian says. “I will also be teaching dance to domestic violence victims.”

The dancer can’t quantify the exact number of community service hours she has received, but she believes that doing community service with no reward—other than feeling generous—is better for everyone.

“I think Coral’s best trait is her willingness to listen and support her peers,” Cambra says. “She has an amazing amount of empathy and compassion for others. Her passion for caring about others is unmatched.”

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