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‘Bob Marley: One Love’ captures admiration and respect for the Jamaican singer

Published March 4, 2024


“Bob Marley: One Love” clearly shows how Marley was a ray of hope to Jamaicans during war and how his music was a world-changing work of art.     

Through expressive gestures and a smooth blend between Marley’s voice and actor Kingsley Ben-Adir’s own singing, Ben-Adir portrays his character admirably. 

“Bob Marley: One Love” clearly shows Marley’s bright and cheerful look on the world. (photo by PARAMOUNT PICTURES)

The film highlights Marley’s sympathy for Jamaica and captures how he saw his music as a peace offering during war. The intensity of Marley’s music is also shown with great impact. The movie shows the diversity of reggae music from other cultures. 

“One Love” has a good mix of humor with Marley’s eventful life. The movie focuses more on positive aspects of Marley’s life and not so much the negative aspects. Scenes are done well with pops of color that shows the brightness of his home country. 

However, the movie does not get deep into Marley’s relationship with his wife, Rita, and skips past all Marley’s affairs, with only a brief mention from his wife, although the movie does show nice memories from when the protagonist and his wife were younger. Through the journey of the movie, one can see Marley’s fame take a toll on his family life through becoming absent for his children and wife. 

Marley creates some of his biggest hits while sitting around with his friends singing and having a good time, and it is always a relaxed experience. 

The way “Bob Marley: One Love” portrays Marley’s love for music and only wanting peace is faultlessly done. 

Overall, the film does an admirable job of showing Marley’s peaceful attitude towards war and fighting with his music, and is a great movie to watch to get a taste of Marley’s achievements and experiences.  

“My life is not important to me,” says Marley in the movie. “My life is for people. That I can be beneficial to people.”



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