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Best spots for pre-prom grub

For those of you who always wait until the last possible minute to plan for prom night, here are some options for dinner before Saturday’s big dance. All conveniently located in the Carmel area, these restaurants offer a variety of dishes from Asian-inspired meats to tradition Italian cuisine to authentic French plates.

Anton and Michel

San Carlos and 7th Street

(831) 624-2406

With a view of two beautiful outdoor fountains, Anton and Michel is a unique French restaurant with a romantic setting. The menu includes a variety of seafood appetizers and meat entrees. Prices range from $20-40 per person. The prices may be high, but the food is excellent.

Anton and Michel also offers a special three-course fixed menu that is great for prom. This $28.50 meal comes with a soup or salad, a choice of vegetarian or meat dish and a dessert. However, this option is also only served from 5:00-6:30 p.m., so don’t be late!


2700 17 Mile Drive

(831) 647-7433

Overlooking the Links at SpanishBay , Pèppoli is the perfect place to burn a hole in your wallet before the big dance. The restaurant offers a variety of Tuscan-style dishes including their famous pasta and meats. However, these delicacies come at a hefty price. Appetizers range from $15-20, pastas are $20-25, and main dishes are $30-90. Service is slow, but the food is always worth the wait.

In addition to their mouthwatering food, Pèppoli also offers the perfect place to take pictures after dinner. Walking distance to the restaurant is SpanishBay’s 18th hole and famous photo spot.


The Barnyard in Carmel

(831) 624-2643

Looking for a place to bring your big group of friends? Look no further than Robata. Relax and enjoy before the dance with appetizing seafood and soup. For sushi lovers, Robata offers over 30 different types of sushi, which are perfect for large groups to share.

The restaurant is also great for small groups. Its dark lighting provides for a romantic candlelight setting ideal for a pre-prom dinner. Robata serves a variety of traditional single dishes including teriyaki chicken, katsu and salmon, and offers excellent vegetarian options including vegetable tempura and vegetable Robata. Service is good, and both outdoor and indoor seating are available.

La Balena

Junipero between 5th and 6th Streets

(831) 250-6295

With the smell of Italian herbs and spices in the air, La Balena is a quaint restaurant that serves a variety of traditional Italian food. Dishes range from authentic soups and homemade pastas to slow-cooked meat. Mouthwatering gelatos and sorbets are also available for dessert. Prices are more affordable, with most dishes under $20.

In addition to their excellent food, the staff is accommodating and service is efficient. However, space is limited, so it is ideal for small groups.


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