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Best dressed of the school students


With a bright pink hoodie and purple pants on, junior Blue West walks through halls flooded with teenagers wearing nothing but monochromatic Patagonia jackets and black pants.

But West isn’t the only student who dresses outside of the unofficial uniform of CHS students. Senior Hannah Ryan struts down in her camo cargo pants paired with a black tube top and Doc Martens. Meanwhile, junior Eddie Gutierrez is personalizing a new denim jacket, and senior Eva Reed is waiting to hear back from the many fashion design schools she has applied to.

These four students are some of the most fashionable people on campus, each with their unique sense of style.

If you see a tall guy color coordinating to the max or wearing as many colors as possible, you’ve spotted West, a Tyler, the Creator fan with faded blue hair—no, it’s not because his name is Blue, but because in the rapper’s song “Where This Flower Blooms,” he dares the listener to dye his hair blue.

West reps at least one piece from Tyler, the Creator’s crazy-colorful brand, Golf Wang, every day, along with a piece from Tommy Hilfiger or one of his own like his most recent creation: pink cheetah-print shorts. Apart from idolizing the American rapper, West looks up to the feminine, yet bold style of rapper A$AP Rocky. But above all, West believes that the most valuable piece a person could wear is confidence

Another junior who looks up to the style of A$AP Rocky is Eddie Gutierrez. Although definitely not as vibrant as West’s style, Gutierrez describes his as a more high fashion than street fashion, as he shows off his Gucci watch and rocks his Comme de Garçons x Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Along with his business partner junior Itzel Rios-Ellis, Gutierrez is working on his company Eyes Wide Open, which will feature distressed, bleached and written on denim ranging from shorts and overalls to jackets. The company was created after Gutierrez covered his jeans with Frank Ocean lyrics, such as “I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me” and “Hide my tattoos in Shibuya,” which brought a lot of attention. Friends wouldn’t stop raving about them.

Similarly to Gutierrez, Reed has aspirations of fashion design.

“My goal is to move my way up to the design position for another brand,” Reed shares. “To become part of the design team or even the head designer of Chanel, for example.”

Reed began to love all-things fashion after watching “Project Runway” and has since learned to sketch designs and sew. Her style icons include ‘80s and ‘90s supermodel Cindy Crawford along with current supermodel Gigi Hadid and draws inspiration from American and Italian Vogue as well as Comme de Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo.

She hopes to follow the footsteps of Kawakubo and become featured in the 2050 Met Gala, where her 17th-century-inspired collection, featuring Renaissance-inspired dresses, will attract many to the art exhibition.

Another well-dressed senior, Hannah Ryan describes her style as comfortable, edgy and put-together.

“I think that looking good makes you feel good,” Ryan says.

Her closet consists of pieces from Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters and thrift shops, and her favorite three pieces are her Nike Air Force 1s, Gucci sneakers and any black bodysuit.

From colorful outfits to ones with designer labels, a few students decide to opt out from the usual trend of what many students are wearing.

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