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Music to fall for this autumn

The xx

Coexist, The xx’s newest album, was finally released Sept. 11 after a much-anticipated wait.

The xx, known for their dark, melodic beats and harmonious vocals, are an indie band from England with a unique sound of their own. Creating mesmerizing soundscapes and dreamlike atmospheres are what this band does best.

After a self-titled debut in 2009, The xx gained recognition for their interesting new sound, one described by the band itself as “night music” or “dark pop.”

In Coexist, an ethereal quality floats throughout the tracks as they segue into one another to create a truly memorable experience. Coexist is not an album of diversity, but there is nothing wrong with that. It is one endless journey into the realms of darkness that pulls the listener into a pleasant sleep.

The songs may be similar, but all are tranquil euphonies that enchant.

Coexist’s standout tracks: “Angels,” “Fiction” and “Try.”


Mumford & Sons

After a recent visit to the Monterey Fairgrounds, the members of Grammy-nominated band Mumford & Sons have gained local recognition for their poignant folk music.

Since the release of their first album, 2010’s Sigh No More, the men behind Mumford & Sons have been acknowledged by both the Billboard Music Awards and the BRIT Awards for their excellence.

The four members experiment with a variety of instruments, including the mandolin, guitar, banjo, piano and accordion – all to create music with influences of country, rock and bluegrass.

Their second album, Babel, which was just released Sept. 25, incorporates the same elements that brought them to fame. Be sure to check it out if you are an indie-folk fan or simply a fan of excellent music and talented songwriting.

The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye may not be the most famed R&B singer of the decade, but he is definitely one of the most talented.

The Weeknd—not to be confused with The Weekend—is Tesfaye’s masterful creation, his means of expressing struggles with compulsion and his forays with women.

Since the release of his first album, 2011’s House of Balloons, Tesfaye has enjoyed a steady rise to stardom with support from Rolling Stone magazine and renowned rapper Drake.

Look further and you will discover ballads infused with the dilemmas of Tesfaye’s life: addiction, relationships and notoriety. Despite the dark, occasionally profane content that occurs in staccato bursts, The Weeknd makes for indulgent listening.

Don’t let the lyrics fool you, though; there is undeniable talent in his work. With an impressive vocal range and a skill for captivating listeners with his sonorous atmospheres and ambiance, Tesfaye is surely one to watch.

Tesfaye’s other albums include the dynamic Thursday and the emotive Echoes of Silence, both available on YouTube or his personal website.

The Weeknd is for fans of Drake and Frank Ocean.

-Jackie Mauldwin-

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