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Anti-social types find solace in online shopping

As an avid member of the 21st century, I have often come into contact with a computer and, therefore, the Internet: that endless expanse of information, cat videos and people who want your money.

The best—or worst, depending on your outlook—part about online shopping is that it doesn’t even feel like you’re spending any money—invaluable for misers like yours truly.

gOnline ShoppingIdeally, I would just order everything online, including my groceries, but then I’d have to pay for shipping, which is a definite buzz kill. So here are a few of my favorite websites for clothes:

1. American Apparel
This one does have retail stores, but their website is honestly so much better for reduced prices, which are objectively good. The best thing about this company is that all of their clothing is made here in California by fairly paid workers, so you can look hella fly and not experience too much consumer guilt. (You should, however, experience some guilt from the sheer fact that you are contributing to a system which survives off financial inequality. Just sayin’.)

2. Poshmark
I’m fairly new to this website, but what I’ve seen I like: The idea is that women from all around America (sorry, guys) can buy and sell lightly used designer clothing for ridiculously good prices. You do have to be a member to shop, but anyone can join—and brands include Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Moschino and Cheap Monday.

3. Etsy
I get that this is kind of a typical choice for particularly devoted shoppers, but this site is seriously so good for any kind of vintage item. Actually, I just bought a prom dress from a retailer on Etsy, and I will personally fight anyone who tells me that it is not beautiful.

4. Sierra Trading Post
FINE, I don’t buy clothes from these people. But I love them so much! Like, I don’t even know where the closest retail store to us is (I think it’s in, like, Carson City or something), so this is a really good resource for anyone who, like me, prefers to spend time outdoors but also, like me, does not like REI prices. However, their products haven’t a warranty, like REI’s do. Just letting y’all know.

5. ModCloth
Pure gold. All of it is pure gold. For anyone who wants to look like they’re from the ‘50s, but are much more cool and progressive than the actual ‘50s were.
-Elizabeth Harrison

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  • I love online shopping and your article has showed me new places to shop online! Also I saw your prom dress on Saturday and IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Online shopping is my favorite thing to do. You are right, I do not feel like I’m spending any money when I shop online. American Apparel sales are the best and Etsy is one of my favorite sites as well!!!

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