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Aminé returns from major success with new playfully witty album

In addition to his new album, Aminé recently announced his latest North American tour, TOUR.FIVE, which will begin in early November.


Adam Daniel, who goes by his middle name, has returned from his major success with a new project that he calls an “EPLPMIXTAPEALBUM.” The project, titled “1.5,” features a 13-song track list just over 35 minutes, shows the up-and-coming artist reaching out of his comfort zone and exhibiting a more boastful attitude.

After the Portland-raised rapper graduated, he started to pursue music as his passion, releasing mixtapes like “Odyssey to Me” and “En Vogue.” After his minor success in the industry, he was signed to Republic Records, allowing him to segue into him releasing his debut album, “GoodForYou.”

In the spring of 2017, the young Adam Daniel released his first single from “GoodForYou,” titled “Caroline.” This song soon became one of the best songs of the summer and an instant hit. The song was played at every school dance and gathering and recited by thousands in concerts, and the album it was on received a gold certification soon after its release.

The compilation opens up with “DR. WHOEVER,” my personal favorite on the album. An interesting approach is taken, as Aminé decided to have the album narrated by Rickey Thompson, who gained his fame on the ex-social media platform Vine. The song features Aminé rapping about anxiety, masculinity and depression on a song, somehow making it feel upbeat and happy. Aminé’s loving lyrics stick out on the song: “I take my mama to Louie and take your girl to the Ross.”

The next memorable song is “REEL IT IN,” in which Daniel raps over a catchy beat that almost sounds like a harp and a recorder playing in unison. The song does almost nothing other than flaunt Aminé’s recent success. Nonetheless, the flow and consistency on the track is some of the best on the whole project.

On “CANTU,” the dread-headed rapper seems to rap about his most talked about physical trait: his hair. Thompson chimes in yet again on the album to add some additional humor: “Who has nice hair? Me. Who can touch my hair? Not you. Did you think this was a petting zoo?” It’s this type of humor that makes the album memorable, something that will likely stick out as one of the album’s key traits in a decade.

Soon after, the album comes to a close with “TOGETHER.” This is the most low-key track on the album and features a more vocal-oriented lyricism from Daniel. Topics of love, mistakes and nostalgia are referenced on the final song, giving a superb close to the project.

Like him or not, Aminé is one of the most talented artists of this decade. Anticipate more humorous, quick and clever bodies of work from him in the future.


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