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Valarie Seita, Carmel High School’s new librarian, has already made a splash by helping bring new ideas to life, both in the library and in the classroom.

As an educator for 12 years and a librarian for one, she has always had great interest in teaching the inquiry process which led her to becoming a school librarian.

“It brings together my love for teaching students and my ability to bring light to the inquiry process and emerging technology,” Seita says.

One of the new changes she has brought to the library is the creation of a quiet study space. According to the librarian, it was brought on by student suggestions, and there will be more changes to come through both staff and student input.

Additionally, the book enthusiast has worked out other collaborative activities such as the Book Cafe for Shelley Grahl’s English II Honors class in which she set up the library as a cafe with different genres of books at each table where students “tasted” books and selected a title for free reading.

“I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by her efforts on my class’s behalf,” Grahl says. “She went above and beyond my expectations with her book tasting.”

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