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About Dr. Curtis Smith


Dr. Curtis Smith is Carmel High School’s new Honors Physics and Honors Chemistry teacher, with 24 years of experience and a background in teaching all around the world.

Smith teaches five classes of Honors Chemistry and one class of Honors Physics and is scheduled to teach CHS’ very first AP Physics class next school year.

This is no big feat for the science teacher who has taught all possible high school science courses ranging from marine science to human anatomy and covering the three most daunting of them all: AP Chemistry, AP Physics and AP Biology.  

Just before moving to Carmel, the science teacher worked in Silverdale, Washington, for the Naval Strategic Weapons Program.

“It’s what the Navy calls their nuke program—the things that make big mushroom clouds,” Smith explains.

Working in Washington allowed him to use his doctorate in Quantitative Analysis from Excelsior College.

“I’m a math geek,” Smith admits.

Fellow science teacher Tom Dooner ran into his new coworker over the summer and soon realized that the two had a lot in common.

“I think Dr. Smith is going to be a phenomenal addition to our faculty here and to the science department,” Dooner says.

The Connecticut native hasn’t taught a high school class for 12 years, noting, “I’m energized because it’s been a nice break. It’s fun to be back.”

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