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Fashion Club finishes creative first year in quarantine

Published 25, 2021


After attending a summer program at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, CHS sophomores and co-presidents Piper Mahoney and Heather Albiol started the Fashion Club, giving students an opportunity to express themselves and connect through fashion. With the sponsorship of FIDM, the club quickly gained 15 members who were eager to learn more about the craft and the industry.

“To me, fashion is a way to be creative and express yourself every day with whatever you want,” says Albiol. “It’s art on your body. It’s just fun.”

Co-president Piper Mahoney works on sketches for a design. (photo by Piper Mahoney)

The club has stayed productive over quarantine, exploring new topics each week, from sharing mood and inspiration boards to making scrunchies. The FIDM sponsorship has also provided funding for guest speakers from the college to give talks about fashion skills and career planning in the industry.

“There are a few girls who have done fashion just as long as Heather and I, and they’re really talented and could definitely pursue it,” says Mahoney. “I wanted to be a designer for a while, and no matter what I do in life, fashion will always be a big part of my life. It’s something I definitely love.”

The co-presidents have been busy planning new activities for the club, including lessons on sewing by hand and sketching, which Albiol says everyone has improved since the beginning of the year. 

“I think that the club teaches creativity and how to think outside the box because art isn’t just drawing with pen and paper,” says Albiol. “We do some of that in the fashion club, which is cool because it allows people to do a lot of different things they’re interested in.” 

The students in the club all have different styles, from Mahoney’s modern and minimalist taste inspired by brands such as Celine, Dior, Off-White and Louis Vuitton, to CHS sophomore Peyton Kelly’s earth tone and granola-inspired indie outdoor style. 

“I love design, so I thought the fashion club could help me improve my design skills when it comes to clothing,” says Kelly. “I’m working on some earrings with clips that I’m loving. I also paint shoes and have designed a lot of ideas for future shoes.”

Sophomore Estella Leavy has also had an early interest in fashion from her mother, who owns a vintage clothing store.

The Fashion Club threw a clothing swap this year. (photo by Piper Mahoney)

“I love the Gucci runway style because of how bold it is,” says Leavy. “I’m also really into that one style that’s like pretty trending right now with all the super bright colors and swirly prints that’s a little bit ‘70s, but also a little bit ‘90s.”

Both co-presidents agree it was difficult to start a club over Zoom, but they were able to overcome the challenges and learn new things from the experience.

“I’ve learned so much from other people in the club,” says Albiol. “I’ve learned a lot about creativity, and I’ve been really impressed by other people’s ideas.”

One of the events the Fashion Club has done this year was a clothing swap, which Mahoney says was one of the most enjoyable moments in the club. Next year, they have plans for new and bigger events, including an end-of-year fashion show to showcase students’ creations. 

“It was definitely hard starting a club in the middle of COVID, but I’m really proud of Heather and I, and I’d say it was a pretty successful club,” says Mahoney. “We’re really excited for next year. It’s going to be really fun, and we have so much planned.”

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