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Sandpiper Spotlight: Elliot Cash

Published May 11, 2021


With over seven years of sailing experience and four years of teaching the same sport at Pebble Beach’s Stillwater Yacht Club, Carmel High School sophomore Elliot Cash has fostered a lifelong passion for water sports through local competitions, instructing prospective students through summer programs and obtaining a teaching license, all of which has been nothing but smooth sailing. 

Starting as a summer intern as a youth sailing camp instructor for SYC, Cash was promoted to a paid position from the same club in 2018 and later attained a United States Keelboat Certificate. 

“I did the sailing camp there as a child,” Cash says. “Now I am an instructor there, which is pretty cool. Ever since Charlie Kirkland, the port captain, offered me a position, I’ve been working my way up from there and getting my certifications along the way.”  

In addition to his evolving positions at Stillwater, Cash has also had the opportunity to practice the sport he loves in other streams within Monterey County, including competing for the Monterey Race Team and the Monterey Yacht Club. Although the sophomore is primarily focused on instructing, he still finds time to compete on given weekends.  

The sport of sailing is nothing new to the dockmaster’s family: Cash’s older brother had been able to gain some work experience for the same club. 

At the current moment, Elliot Cash plans to continue teaching prospective sailors over the summer at SYC, and he enjoys playing water polo for both CHS and NorCal Aquatics Santa Cruz, listening to soundtracks of Hank Williams Jr. and Johnny Cash and watching Amazon Prime’s “THEM.”

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