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Sandpiper Spotlight: Craig Tuana

Published March 08, 2021


From new family additions to adjusting to COVID-19 modified job responsibilities, Carmel High assistant principal Craig Tuana has undergone many life changes during the past few months. 

Tuana and his wife Andriana welcomed home son Luko just five months ago. Luko is joining his 5-year-old brother  Josko in the new family of four. Within just the last week, they have also moved into Monterey after living in Aptos for about six years. 

Tuana and his infant son Luko. (courtesy of Craig Tuana)

“We have been super busy unpacking,” Tuana says, “but have had time to explore restaurants in the area like Sushi Fly on Alvarado.”

Besides family life, his role within the school has become more student-support-focused and hands-on. Tuana oversees the Career Technical Education program, which is currently helping get supplies to distance learning students and, with the help of CHS’ other assistant principal Debbi Puente, has been working individually with students who need extra support. 

“Support can look like talking with staff about what is wrong, calling a meeting with the student’s parents and teachers and offering resources through in-person cohorts or getting involved with the strategies class if needed,” Tuana explains.  

Before working at Carmel High School, the Bay Area native had started out as a special education teacher and then moved to become an ASB teacher. 

After his first two years of teaching, Craig Tuana took off a year and a half to teach English in Tokyo, Japan. After coming back, he was a dean of students at Palo Alto High School, and his final job before CHS was as an assistant principal at Lynbrook High School in San Jose. 

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