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Sandpiper Spotlight: Julia Hadland

Published Feb. 11, 2021


All while adjusting to up-to-date coronavirus regulations, Carmel High sophomore Julia Hadland has been giving back by volunteering with her local church’s nursery and surfing in the Pacific Ocean. 

“Surfing has become a daily routine for me, and that’s basically what I spend most of my time doing outside and in quarantine,” Hadland says. “I try to go to the beach with my friends as much as I can.” 

Hadland is no stranger to the art of surfing. Alongside two years of surf experience, the sophomore has been able to give back to the community through involvement in the Wahine Project, a non-profit organization specialized in providing surfing resources and clinics to girls and young women. Due to safety precautions, Hadland had to put her involvement on hold until further notice, but she plans on reengaging as soon as possible.

The avid beachgoer has also developed her hobby for creating edited videos of her surfing through iMovie, Videoshop and GoPro equipment. She documents her many surfing feats and edits them into montages.  

Besides hitting the beach, the sophomore also volunteers at her local church’s nursery, a good way to be involved as an introvert. For four years, the sophomore has been looking over younger churchgoers while teaching them about the Bible. With COVID-19 making group gatherings difficult, Hadland and other volunteers entertain younger children through Zoom with tech-based activities and games alongside the supervision of an affiliated adult from the church.

Outside of her passion for surfing and volunteering, Hadland enjoys listening to alternative rock artist Matt Maeson, watching surfing clips online and practicing guitar whenever she gets the chance. 

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