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Sandpiper Spotlight: Aiden Tarantino

Published Jan. 18, 2021


Although Carmel High School’s athletic program plans are currently on hold, sophomore Aiden Tarantino has been able to utilize the extra time outside of class to practice efficient running techniques and connect with friends.

The sophomore, who moved to Carmel from St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2019, is no stranger to cross-country and track and field. While in St. Petersburg, Tarantino had the opportunity to participate in competitions across Florida, and he continued competing shortly after moving to the West Coast. During his freshman year, Tarantino competed in the 2019 Central Coast Section cross-country finals competition, and he plans to race again once it is safe.

Even with both cross-country and track and field seasons remaining uncertain for the time being, Tarantino relies on self-motivation and consistent training routines to maintain his current running talent. 

Some of Tarantino’s 2021 resolutions are centered around improving running time and working towards both personal and team bests, including running the 1600-meter in under 4:35, the 3200 in under 9:45, and the Carmel High School record of 15:49 for the three-mile race.

Tarantino’s family is no stranger to Carmel. With his father an alum of CHS, Carmel was a great fit for a coast-to-coast move and smooth transition into a high school setting. 

“Carmel is a super cool place,” Tarantino says. “It’s very pretty. The views are amazing, and I have a nice friend group. Having some of my dad’s high school friends here really helped out.”  

In addition to keeping a routine of running 50 miles a week, Tarantino has recently started watching CBS’ “Scorpion,” an action television series, and playing basketball with friends whenever he gets the chance. 


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