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CHS students jump into the new year with resolutions in mind

Published Jan. 15, 2021


Senior JT Byrne has one resolution for the new year: start in a college football game. Senior Hayden Will wants to experience adventuring up and down the California coastline. Sophomore Hannah Shu has resolved to be a nominee for the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

Senior Hayden Will starts his adventures down the California coast. (courtesy of Hayden Will)

Despite a peculiar year now one for the books, the majority of CHS students are keeping up with the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions, and doing their best to stick to them in 2021.

In a Sandpiper survey, more than 200 CHS students were posed with a central question: Did you make a New Year’s resolution? For the two-thirds of survey-takers who have set a resolution, the desire to work on self-improvement seems to be a common goal 

“I just want to push myself harder this year,” junior Wesley Rees says. “It’s easy to get carried away when you’re not in class having your teacher tell you what to do. Staying focused and driven is key and something I’m striving towards.”

Senior Graziella Cosentino (middle) is all smiles, actively prioritizing showing kindness towards others. (courtesy of Graziella Cosentino)

Even resolutions as simple as riding a bike to the local park and taking time to reflect — freshman Morgan Mayer’s resolution — indicates the desire of many CHS students to start 2021 on a positive note.

With an overall increase in technology-oriented education, CHS students such as freshman Alyssa Galicia are itching to distance themselves from screens.

“My resolution to spend less time on my phone is definitely a result of all this online schooling we have had to adapt to,” Galicia says. “Because we spend so much time on a screen already for schoolwork, I’ve been trying to cut back on my screen time outside of academics.”

Many CHS resolution makers are in the same boat as Galicia and just want to take time to distance themselves from screens and spend more opportunities outside. 

“I can get stuck in the house all day and occasionally not step a foot outside,” says senior Isabella Daste. “Whenever I do get fresh air, I feel so much better.”

Some CHS students took the whirlwind year of 2020 to heart and made resolutions that reflect the uncertainty of the previous year. Senior Graziella Cosentino has resolved to simply be nicer to those around her. Cosentino says she feels that the turmoil of 2020 directly contributed to this wholesome resolution. 

“I feel like 2020 put things in perspective and showed us we need to value people and treat them nicely while we still have the chance to see them in person,” Cosentino explains. “ I am setting a simple goal that I feel I should take more seriously because you never know when you are going to be able to see your friends and family again.”

Sophomore Hannah Shu is eager to continue science fair competitions in the new year. (courtesy of Hannah Shu)

The resolution to act with kindness towards people is shared by freshman Chase Lander, who wants to exemplify this action in order to be a positive role model for others, as well as by freshman Lily Grundy who has chosen to think more positively despite difficult circumstances. 

Meanwhile, other students have opted against making resolutions for the new year.

“I never really make resolutions,” senior Jared Bethea says. “If I’m going to make change, I don’t want the pressure of upholding my resolution.” 

Similar to Bethea’s reasoning, some CHS survey-takers note that the idea of resolutions following a man-made transition to a new year is pointless.

“I don’t wait until the new year to improve myself,” freshman Mark Albiol says. “It’s just a gimmick. If you want to be better, don’t wait. Research, make a plan, and stick to it.”

Others who have decided not to create resolutions for themselves give similar explanations, with some saying they simply have no motivation given all that is happening right now, and others not wishing to wait for a certain date to consistently focus on a goal.

With resolutions big and small, all CHS students transition into the new year, continuing to put one foot forward at a time.


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