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Sandpiper Spotlight: Pam Sullivan


Between classes, Carmel High School students can usually see Study Hall teacher Pam Sullivan walking the halls having conversations, giving hugs and sharing smiles. COVID-19 has made these day-to-day interactions vanish, yet Sullivan remains involved by working with some students twice a week in the library and maintaining contact with others through phone calls and emails. 

“It’s hard some days,” says Sullivan. “I go through just as much as what everyone goes through because we are all stuck. Our only interaction is through a screen.” 

Since the school year began, Sullivan has been available to students in the library helping those without strong internet or those needing extra motivation for getting their schoolwork done. While helping kids can be difficult at times due to changes in online instruction, Sullivan cherishes getting to connect with students. 

After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the student favorite can be seen checking in with students for their after-school athletic conditioning. At home, she makes phone calls to check on students and works on her bookkeeping business. On weekends, she enjoys spending time with her friends and boyfriend. 

Sullivan says that quarantine has made her more withdrawn, but has given her time to reflect on herself. 

She has always loved books, and the current situation has given her more time to spend reading. Her latest read was “Left to Tell” by Immaculée Ilibagiza, and her go-to zen spot for reading is the beach. Her newfound favorite restaurant is the Pocket in Carmel where she likes everything on their menu, especially the short ribs.

“To me this is a time of growth for all of us,” Sullivan encourages. “We are really having to dig deep to really take control of our lives…. Give yourself grace when you are going through those crappy days.” 


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