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5 pivotal pieces of Halloween media


With Halloween right around the corner, it’s important to get into the spirit by giving into your capitalistic desires and consuming as much spooky-themed media as possible.

5. Target Halloween wares

This may seem like an unorthodox selection, but if you’ve ever been in the dollar section of Target, you know that there are some pretty solid contents within at affordable prices, and their selection of Halloween wares doesn’t disappoint! Buy yourself a ceramic ghost and talk to it like a friend. You can get yourself some socks with orange and black stripes, or perhaps some cheaply made stickers of black cats and pumpkins. You can also get yourself an actual pumpkin, though that would require a walk to the produce aisle.

4. All Halloween Disney Channel Original  Movies

Disney Channel Original Movies rarely disappoint, and there was a period in the late ‘90s to early 2000s where Disney Channel aired a new one every year to varying displays of quality. “Under Wraps” is notable for its star monster being a mummy, a highly underrated member of the Halloween creature pantheon. There’s also the well-known smash hits “Hocus Pocus,” “Halloweentown” and, of course, “Spooky Buddies,” an irrefutable iconic member of the “Air Bud” film pantheon. Is anything more horrifying than real-life dogs being animated to speak?

3. “Goosebumps” book series

If you really want to get into the Halloween spirit, reading the entire “Goosebumps” series is a good start. I definitely recommend “Say Cheese and Die!” above all else; however, there is so much in the way of “Goosebumps” lore that I’d be remiss to not include other fundamentals, like the ‘90s television adaptation akin to “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” or the bizarrely numerous video game adaptations. Enjoy the truly frightening notion of corporate monopolies on beloved children’s iconography to make your Halloween extra spooky!

2. Coraline (2007)

Despite being set in the springtime, “Coraline” is still a haunting Halloween classic including a creepy black cat and the half uncanny, half impressive animation style that’s slightly heightened in its quality by the unnerving claymation style. Bonus points for the creepy scene where the mom turns into a spider, which was one of the most traumatic moments of my childhood and makes this one feel like a Halloween movie. There’s also the other claymation movie that’s actually set during Halloween, “ParaNorman,” which you might also want to enjoy in addition to “Coraline.” You could also watch “Monster House,” which is perhaps the most bizarre in its field.

1. The clearance section of Spirit Halloween

The ominous, beloved retailer known as Spirit Halloween sells a whole lot of costumes every year, but not all of them are winners. Well, many of them aren’t. In order to see the worst costumes on offer, I recommend going into as possible and looking through their clearance section for some underrated gems of the past, or perhaps costumes that have aged poorly and, with time, have become a sad, empty shell of their former selves. This Halloween activity requires no actual purchasing of your own, but is a guaranteed comedic success.

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