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4 tips to an A: Students sound off on study secrets

When asked how he studies for tests, junior Justin Rauh replies, “I don’t.” However, most of us mortals need to study for tests in order to do well. While interviewing the best and the brightest of Carmel High School, I was able to gather a few themes that are evident in a successful study session. Here are a few tips in order to earn a good score on that challenging test next week.

1. Create study aids and look over past assignments.

Creating study aids and looking over past assignments is one of the best ways to focus your studies and hone in on things that are going to be on the test.

Senior Aaron Esparza-Almaraz stresses the use of Quizlet for vocab tests and looking over past assignments and notes for regular tests.

“I usually look through my notes, look through study guides and PowerPoints,” Esparza-Almaraz remarks, “and take advantage of Quizlet for vocab tests. Even if there are Quizlets that other people make, I like to make my own so I am able to have it on my phone and I can study on the bus.”

Junior Abby Lambert also recommends examining past assignments in order to focus.

“I usually go back over my notes or study guides if I have them,” Lambert says. “If it is a big test or a midterm, I usually look over past tests.”

2. Turn off electronics and distractions.

Although some people find it hard to have their phone away from their line of sight, it is vital to get rid of distractions in order to focus on studying.

“Focus on studying and nothing else,” junior Jason Chandler says. “Have no distractions. Turn off your phone and Chromebook. Just use paper and pencil to study.”

Sophomore Skylar Thomas recommends turning off electronics and having a quiet environment in order to help focus on studying.

“I put my phone away when I study.” Thomas remarks. “I also study in a place where there are no distractions and where it is quiet.”

3. Don’t study last minute.

Some students at Carmel High School, like junior Brett Cordell, believe that studying the night before is the best way to study for a test.

“Studying early and often is not best,” Cordell remarks. “I just study the night before.”

However, other Carmel High students say studying early and often is the best way to retain information. Junior Adam Morrison says studying way before the test helps him earn a better grade.

“I love studying way before the test.” Morrison remarks. “It is the only way I do well on the test. Never study the last minute because it will not turn out good.”

Freshman Theo Colon also recommends studying before the test in order to help retain information.

“Studying over a long period of time is best,” Colon says. “You have more time to absorb the information. The day of the test you can go over everything one final time, and you are ready to go.”

Studying early and often helps to retain information for a big test.

4. Get a good night’s rest and eat a good breakfast.

A good night’s rest and a good breakfast is extremely important in getting the score you want on a test.

Junior Madeline Fontenay recommends a good night’s rest.

“I would recommend a lot of sleep,” Fontenay says. “Sleep is very important when trying to prepare for a test.”

Sophomore Jenni Redfield believes that eating well helps when studying for her tests.

“Eating well before a test,” Redfield says, “helps me retain information better so I can remember everything that I studied beforehand.”
-Ryan Lin


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