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Enriquez carries baseball team with great hitting

gphoto (5)Three months ago, Andres Enriquez had no plans on playing baseball and had his sights set on playing golf this spring. What the junior eventually realized is that baseball is what he can excel in, and the numbers this season speak for themselves.

The Carmel High first baseman leads the team in hits, homeruns, multi-hit games, and batting average, and he is third in RBIs. Enriquez’s best game came against Stevenson on March 27 when he had the team’s only triple this year and a home run.

“I think the season is going well,” Enriquez says. “I mean obviously we could be doing better, but we’ll take the wins we can get.”

Despite Enriquez’s team-leading .472 batting average, he is also third on the team in strikeouts.

“There are many areas in my game that I can improve on,” Enriquez says. “But if there was one thing I would definitely change, it would be my number of strikeouts.”

As far as playing baseball in college goes, Enriquez hopes to earn a scholarship, and if he does not, he says he probably will not play.

Enriquez and the Padres will be taking on Stevenson on Monday at home.

-Jason Clarke

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