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Over the past two weeks of distance learning, I have received dozens of assignments from various different courses, but none as difficult as this article. 

After receiving the assignment of writing a personal reflection on CHS’ closure, I immediately decided on the oh-so relevant topic of the importance of writing in trying times. I wrote my first draft that night, and in the 14 days following, I have rewritten said article five times. 

I decided that my various drafts were nowhere near what I wanted to have published. Then came the dreadful day that my friend Martin published his article. I have since read it four times, and each time I do, I bathe again in jealousy at the sight of his flawless work. After reading his reflection, it became increasingly difficult to articulate my thoughts with the degree of sophistication that I so desired.

It was not until very recently that I finally discovered what I truly wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. I was sitting at my dining table complaining to my mom about my approaching deadline and my lack of inspiration. After telling her my topic she asked me, “Well, why is writing important to you?”

13-month-old Emma was already preparing to write for The Sandpiper.

Writing has always been a huge part of my life. It has consistently been my favorite pastime and been a shield against a world that is not always kind. Writing is something that can convey complex and thoughtful emotions in a way that few things can. I realized that I couldn’t preach about the importance of writing if I could not even bring myself to write. 

The true beauty of writing is in its simplicity: Words don’t care about race, religion or socioeconomic background–they only care about what you have to say. Writing does not have to be elegant or dressed up in beautiful words. It is content in its rawest form.

In my opinion, the main reason that people do not write is the fear of writing something “bad.” Society often worships works that are complex and philosophical, but pieces of writing such as those are not always what is needed. Writing is important in this time of global confusion because of the story that it tells. The authenticity of each individual’s writing is what makes it as grand as any published author’s. 

During a global pandemic, what is truly important is sharing each and every person’s story. It doesn’t have to be heart-wrenching or tear-jerking, and there is no pressure whatsoever to make the piece sophisticated. It only needs to be true.

In this time of need, it is all too easy to become swept up into the complexities and misfortunes of our own lives, but by sharing different experiences, writing can inspire great empathy into the hearts of billions. In times of great misfortune, it is more important than ever to share with the world our small victories, and while writing can be an outlet from which to process difficult emotions, it can also be a way to maintain an optimistic outlook in the face of adversity by appreciating the simple gifts of each day.

So if a piece of paper and pen are available, I encourage anyone reading this to write down every detail about their lives during these strange times.

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  • Really wonderful article Emma!

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