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This Club Saves Lives takes initiative, helping with global, local community needs

Published Oct. 4, 2023


After raising around $2,400 in a dinner fundraiser for teachers and students affected by wildfires in Maui, This Club Saves Lives, a CHS club and nonprofit organization, is preparing for their Water Walk fundraiser to combat the world water crisis.

Just one month into this school year, the club has already made an impact with their annual dinner fundraiser, this year’s helping students and teachers displaced by wildfires in Lahaina, Hawaii, on Sept. 8. As a registered nonprofit they were able to send money raised directly to teachers and students affected by the wildfires through the Hawaii State Teachers Association. 

“I remember seeing that all of my friends were in [This Club Saves Lives], and they were talking about all the great things they were doing,” says CHS junior Alyssa Moore, the club’s vice president. “I was like, ‘I really want to be a part of that.’”

This Club Saves Lives members junior Elizabeth Chan, senior Abigail Kim, sophomore Danica Dahle and senior Alyssa Galicia (from left) at MEarth for their Maui Strong fundraiser. (courtesy of THIS CLUB SAVES LIVES)

The club’s next event will be their annual Water Walk fundraiser taking place Friday to raise money and awareness for the world water crisis and involving students carrying gallons of water around the school’s track to simulate people who must walk miles for clean drinking water, each lap raising $1. The event is in collaboration with the Thirst Project, an organization that aims to help bring clean drinking water to countries where it is not available.  

“I felt like I wasn’t really doing much for my community, and I wanted to contribute some more, so This Club Saves Lives was a great opportunity for me,” says senior president Abigail Kim. 

In between larger events, the club participates in activities like making blankets for people in need and volunteering, and the members tailor these projects to specific community needs. The club is constantly doing something for the community with members bringing in fresh ideas and adviser Leigh Cambra helping students bring these ideas to life.

“The best part of this club is that when somebody just comes up with a random idea, their passion inspires everybody to want to help them,” Cambra says.

The club’s biggest event this year will be its first Legacy Summit planned for Feb. 5, an event where they will invite other schools to join them in a day filled with guest speakers and other community service related activities at CHS with the goal of inspiring students to do good in their community.

“It’s really fun bringing in other schools with the passion of wanting to do good things in their community,” Cambra explains.

Club members have many community service opportunities and can earn hours by volunteering and participating in activities including making blankets and creating social media posts.

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