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‘The Fall Guy’ provides action-packed comedy focused on stunts, not plot

Published June 3, 2024


Incorporating slapstick humor with an A-list cast, “The Fall Guy” succeeds at its primary focus of shining a light on the unsung heroes of Hollywood: the stunt crews.


Directed by former stunt performer David Leitch, the film’s rather simplistic central plot follows Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling), a stuntman who suffers a terrible injury while on set, and the murder and mystery that quickly shrouds his eventual return to the industry. At its core, “The Fall Guy” serves as a love letter to the stunt community, leaving the plot of the movie to play a secondary role for the majority of the film.

Despite having such an unclear central storyline, especially near the beginning, the film still manages to hold together, in part from the help of its witty dialogue and impressive action sequences. A seasoned comedy actor, Gosling delivers one of his best comedic performances to date in a refreshingly self-aware role that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the project.

With no shortage of cliched moments and corny jokes, part of what allows “The Fall Guy” to just barely rise above pure slapstick comedy is its dialogue, with hidden references to some of Hollywood’s most influential movies and insight into the inner-workings of the film industry present in almost every exchange. Near constant action scenes allows the film to serve as a vehicle for the production team and stunt performers to deliver beautifully crafted action sequences that push the limits of action as viewers know it. From every screech of a car to every punch to the face, the sound design and choreography, along with the heroism of the stunt crew, is what gives “The Fall Guy” the ability to truly capture the attention of its audience.

While the film’s comedic elements certainly lower the stakes, “The Fall Guy” still manages to still create tension and a certain degree of suspense through successfully editing and incorporation of these action set-pieces. If one is able to overlook the sheer overload of fight scenes and action in replace of any semblance of a central storyline, then “The Fall Guy” is a masterfully created ode to action genre and the effort that goes into bringing these films to life.

Accompanying Gosling is a star-studded cast that includes Emily Blunt as Colt Seaver’s director and love interest and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as action star Tom Ryder. While Blunt delivers with her performance, there is an undeniable lack of romantic chemistry between the two lead actors, although this is once again covered by the plot taking the back seat throughout the film.

If nothing else, “The Fall Guy” gives its viewers the opportunity to see Ryan Gosling actually fall backwards 12 stories from a building.



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