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Super Bowl fundraiser aims to boost scholarships

A chance to go to the Super Bowl in the Meadowlands? In weather below 40 degrees? Where the Giants play? What diehard football fan wouldn’t want this?

Padre Parents and the CHS Foundation have announced a raffle to help benefit students with scholarships in which a lucky winner will receive the grand prize package of freezing their backs off in East Rutherford, N.J., for Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2.

This prize also includes an extra ticket for a friend, family member or just a fellow fan, plus $2,000 cash for travel expenses. The price is $25 per ticket or you can get five tickets for $100.

The raffle is intended to raise money primarily for scholarships.

“One of the big problems we’ve had over the years here at Carmel High School is that we have way too many students who are really worthy of getting scholarships, and we don’t have enough money to give them meaningful scholarships,” says English teacher Dale DePalatis, the CHS scholarship president. “So we end up giving a lot of people small scholarships, $250 to $500.”

DePalatis also said that one of the parents came up with the idea for the raffle and is donating their Super Bowl tickets. He also said that if they could do this every year, they could make a lot of progress toward the school’s goal.

The goal, according to DePalatis, is to have $3 to $4 million in the endowment, so that the scholarship foundation can give $5,000 or $10,000 scholarships, which would be a significant upgrade.

“We’re hoping the raffle will generate a lot of income,” says CHS College and Career center counselor Patricia Hunt. “It’s going to be shared. Whatever profits that we have from the sale of the raffle tickets will be split three ways

Hunt says that $5,000 will go to the Class of 2014 to be distributed as scholarships to the class, and the remaining profits will be shared 50/50 between Padre Parents, which benefits every student, and the CHS Foundation.

“We printed 6,000 tickets,” Hunt says. “We will really be happy if we sell 2,000.”

“We would like to raise $40,000,” says CHS Padre Parents president Pam Wilcox, “for scholarship opportunities for the senior class, and for the many academic programs that Padre Parents sponsor.”

The other prizes include two Jeroboam passes to the Carmel Food & Wine Festival, four tickets to a San Francisco Giants game, two tickets to the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and two tickets to Laguna Seca Raceway, with many other prizes as well. The drawing date is Dec. 20, the day before Christmas break.

Those with questions about the raffle, the scholarship fund, CHS Padre Parents or the CHS Foundation can contact Padre Parents board member Cindy Haydock at 831-298-7330 or at Chaydock1@comcast.net. Patricia Hunt can be contacted at the College and Career Center, and Dea Spanos Berberian at dberberian@agspanos.com for any further questions.

-Jason Clarke

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