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Students eager to join Link Crew as Link Leaders

By Joe Sunde

For the past six years Link Crew has been a group of junior, senior and teacher advisors who work to make sure that the incoming freshman class has a smooth transition from middle school to CHS, and this year there are more students than ever interested in leading.

Over the past few years the number of students interested in being Link Crew leaders has nearly doubled from 37 applicants in 2009, all of whom were accepted, to 72 applicants in 2013. This year the program has accepted 48 of these 72 applicants, with the majority seniors.

Link Crew coordinator Leigh Cambra says that prior leadership positions and prior involvement in Link Crew can help with getting accepted to become a Link Crew leader.

Important criteria for the Link Crew leader selection process includes “thoughtfulness of their application and sincerity in wanting to be a positive role model for our incoming freshman,” according to Cambra. “It is a great way for students to make a difference at our school, learn leadership skills and influence younger students, without taking up a ton of time.”

Cambra says that these are some of the reasons why students sign up to be Link Crew leaders, adding that while it does not take as much time as other commitments such as sports or ASB, it teaches students valuable lessons on how to lead.

“I know some people do it because it looks good for college applications,” Cambra notes, “but I hope that is just a bonus for most of them.”

Junior Brandon Kim describes why he became a Link Crew leader.

“When I was a freshman I had a really good experience and wanted to share the same experience,” Kim says. “It [was] always helpful to have a helping hand [from his Link Leader] no matter what the circumstance.”

The three coordinators—Cambra and history teachers Bill Schrier and Nora Ward—do it because they think it is valuable and has made a huge impact on our school.

Link Crew’s growth at CHS shows that the upperclassmen have an increasing interest in leading incoming classes to make the school a better experience for all of us.

As Kim says, “It is important to show the upcoming freshman that there are upperclassmen who are here to help if they need it.”


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