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Students broaden cultural horizons on trip to Japan


In June 2020, a group of 10 students will be able to visit and tour Japan for up to 11 days and learn about the culture and customs there.

CHS cross-country coach Whit Rambach and his wife, CMS teacher Darcey Rambach, are hosting an educational trip to Japan open to all CHS students. A few years ago, they led a student tour to Europe and have been interested in hosting another trip to another place ever since.

Some of the cities students will be visiting include Tokyo, Hakone, Odawara and Kyoto, where they will see multiple tourist attractions, including the Asakusa Kannon Temple, the Great Buddha of Kamakura, Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and the Harajuku Shopping District.

One of the many tourist attractions the students with the Education First organization will visit is the Asakusa Kannon Temple. Photo by BELA PATEL

The Great Buddha is a popular historical structure that represents the culture of Buddhism, a strong religion in Japan to this day. Additionally, the Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine in Kyoto is a shrine dedicated to the Shinto god of rice, which represents the great importance of it to its people. This shrine is also covered with an abundance of foxes, who are thought to be the God’s messengers.

Japan is a country with a plethora of stunning architecture and landscapes that have become popular sight-seeing destinations. Their unique culture can open students’ mind to new traditions and customs around the world, including their distinct language, food and fashion.

“We want to share this opportunity with all CHS students, and if the trip appeals to some, we’d love to have them join us,” Darcey Rambach says.

The Rambachs partnered with Education First, a leading international educational touring organization who have implemented numerous safety features into the trip, including a 24-hour local tour director and an emergency line. They also have a peace of mind policy that states for any reason if the trip to Japan cannot take place, the destination of the trip can be changed.

There is a maximum of 10 students that can go on this 11-day trip, departing between June 11 and June 18, and will be given the opportunity to see the world and experience new cultures. Sophomore David Roden is one of the students excited to embark on this new adventure and tour Japan.

“It’s really cool, I’ve never been out of the country, and it’s a fun thing to do,” says Roden, who has been interested in going to Japan and is excited to tour the Japan Harajuku Shopping District to see their gaming collective items.

His mother, Tricia Roden, hopes that by David going on this trip, he will be able to experience new cultures and be able to make knowledgeable decisions based on the new understanding he has for the cultures there.

“Unfortunately I won’t be joining David on this trip, [but I] am excited for this opportunity for him and know that he will have a memorable journey,” she explains. “Darcey and Whit are amazing people who [like to] share their love of travel.”

Students will be paired with and will share hotel rooms with students from a different school in order to keep the prices affordable. Even though parents are not expected to tag along with their child and the others, they are more than welcome to join, as long as they pay an additional fee.

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