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Stars light up red carpet

The Golden Globes, The Grammys, The Screen Actors Guild Awards—this is the season for stars to dress to impress. This is awards season.amy-adams

With prom just around the corner, the award show season is the perfect time to start spotting trends that you admire in a dress. This award season was spectacular in every possible way; the stars of Hollywood brought their “A” game. Every star, from Jennifer Lawrence to Amy Adams to the amazingly fashionable Lupita Nygone, looked stunning in their red carpet gowns.

Every actress or actor who attends the award shows has a designer they favor, like Dior, Chanel, Gucci or Valentino. With every designer comes a new interpretation of what fashion is. With some, less is more. Literally. And with some, more isn’t enough. From feathers and Swarovski crystals to mesh panels and silk flowers, some designers just can’t get enough.

And for the rest of the upcoming award shows, my prediction is bolder colors, with every woman trying to out-do the other. As for colors, I am sensing bright blues and emerald greens with a splash of color blocking—my favorite trend right now—which stars such as Adams and Sandra Bullock have already rocked on the red carpet this awards season.

But however magical and brilliant most fashion is on the red carpet, some dresses should have been burned and never seen the light of day. Some stars can blame their stylists for their fashion mishaps, but when it comes to such events as The Grammys or The Golden Globes, one should have enough common sense to know that a skin-tight, head-to-toe bedazzled zebra evening gown maybe isn’t the best idea…cough cough…Paula Patton. Same with the see-through, white, lace turtleneck monstrosity of a gown that Paris Hilton wore.

Nevertheless, if I had an all-powerful crystal ball that could see the fashion future, I believe we would see more bold looks and modern edges, and the face of red carpet fashion today as we know it a thing of the distant past.

-Heather Charlton

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