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School traditions vanishing with modern ways

Nearly every high school throughout the United States carries the traditions associated with homecoming, but at Carmel High School changes are being made, and traditions are dwindling.

It is no secret that Carmel High School has few traditions as is. There is spirit week, the Shoe game, prom and homecoming. Before our eyes these traditions are vanishing; the first to change was homecoming.

Multiple changes were made this year involving homecoming. Next year, more drastic changes are being debated. One of the changes made this year were the class dances. They were held in place of the parade to increase spirit. However, due to lack of participation they were canceled last minute.

This year there were a few changes considering the parade and the way homecoming voting was presented. Instead of electing a boy and girl together, there were two different links for the boys’ elections and the girls’ elections, making it seem as though anybody could be elected, not just couples.

No changes are certain as of now for next year, but there has been much talk of making the homecoming elections gender neutral, allowing boys and girls to be elected together as a pair. If our school does not change the elections, then there is a possibility of eliminating them altogether.

As stated, next year is unclear regarding what changes will be made, but the Associated Student Body is considering putting school skits in place of the traditional parade and this year’s failed class dances due to lack of spirit.

Our school’s parade should not be eliminated, for that is a major part of homecoming. With the court being taken away, nothing is stopping anyone from making other drastic changes to the football game or the dance for that matter. The homecoming parade brings people together, families come to watch, and it is a time for the community to join together and reminisce back to their high school days.

Changing and adapting into new modern ways is what should be happening; however, school customs should stay the same to help our school spirit grow. Our high school seems to be wishing to change the minimal traditions we have, trying to make them better, when, in fact, they are just taking away what little school pride we have left.

Homecoming has been the same since the 20th century with a football game and a homecoming court. It is difficult accepting the changing ways, for when all of us high school students move on and leave to go to college, we feel comfortable letting go, knowing that everything in some sense will stay the same for when we come back.

-Asha Johnston

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