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Sandy Paws: Minnie Moorer

imageTopping the list of friendliest local felines is Minnie, a 6-month-old grey kitten who was adopted by sophomore Claire Moorer only three months ago, after a case of kitten envy that had to be satisfied.

“I adopted her from AFRP because I fell in love with a friend’s kittens when he got them last year,” Moorer explains. “I really wanted one of my own.”

In true counter-cat-culture style, Minnie enjoys chasing her own tail and climbing up walls to catch flies and other creepy-crawlers, and she tests the waters of the household by licking the bathtub after the Moorers use it.

The cat even takes after the theatrical nature of the Moorer family, often showing off her skills while flipping in the air to catch her favorite toy.

Despite her rather mischievous and quirky disposition, Minnie does enjoy her downtime.

“She is really playful, but she also likes to cuddle and lick me,” Moorer says fondly of Minnie.

Moorer stresses that Minnie is an exemplary illustration of the importance a feline friend is able to have on one’s life.

“Even though I have only had her for about three months,” Moorer expresses, “I love her so much because she is the perfect cat for me.”


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