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Sandy Paws: Harry File

In search of CHS’s next best feline friend, we turn to Harry, a 14-year-old Maine Coon who won over the heart Harry 3of senior Brittany File during a trip to the SPCA a number of years ago.

“I picked him because he had his little paw on the lock of his cage,” File explains.

Aside from his name, which won in a slim margin over “Voldemort” after the File family went to see Harry Potter in theaters, it’s apparent that this furry guy has more to him than just a magical namesake.

When he’s not sneezing so much that he is convincing the Files that he is allergic to his own fur, Harry enjoys long walks in the backyard, catching rodents and sneaking up on kitchen stools to catch a few extra scraps of food.

“He’s always there when I need a cuddle buddy, or when I just need a friend to watch chick-flicks with,” File admits. “I’m not saying I’m going to grow up to be a crazy cat lady, but if I were, Harry would be my ideal companion.”


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