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Sandy Paws: Gracie

Carmel’s weekly newspaper, The Pinecone, features an article each issue about a special, local dog. This Mackenzie Zoller's cat, Gracie, taking the proverbial cat nap. ZOLLERissue, the Sandpiper staff decided to switch it up and highlight the very best felines of CHS students for our own paper. After all, everyone knows that cats are man’s real best friend.

Our cat of the issue is Gracie, a 20-month-old who senior Mackenzie Zoller found in her house as a surprise gift the morning of her birthday last year.

The first thing that most people notice about Gracie is his fairly ill-fitting name, but the Zollers think it’s just right.

“When we first got him we all thought he was a girl, which is why I named him Gracie,” Zoller says. “When we figured out that he was a boy, the name had already stuck on us.”

According to his owners, Gracie’s hobbies include catching mice and birds, sleeping and cuddling. He has a few quirks, like his tendency to follow Zoller on her runs around the neighborhood, and his phobia of tape, but overall this cat is as good as they come.

“Even though Gracie isn’t a person, he always somehow understands me,” Zoller explains. “He can always put a smile on my face.”


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