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Reigning champs unique feature of Powderpuff

As the annual Powderpuff game approaches, the Class of 2015 has a little spring in its step. After all, they’re returning with last year’s triumph under their belts–the first junior victory since 1994.

Historically, the senior girls have dominated the game (for instance, winning 51-14 in 2005). However, after a last-second touchdown by Jay House, the junior class won the 2013 Powderpuff game—to the chagrin of teary-eyed seniors and their parents.

Now, the seniors are looking to win round two.

“A strong sense of community will help [the senior class] do a really good job,” says senior class president Sydney Stilwell, who goes on to compliment the team on its “good coaches and good spirit.”

This opinion is shared by junior Izzy DeCocco, who is pessimistic about the Class of 2016’s prospects.

“We have speed, we don’t have strength as much,” DeCocco says. Still, she remarks that the seniors “will definitely be overconfident.”

Of course, the game doesn’t end on the field—from coaches to waterboys, countless students get involved in support roles.

Senior Maddy Bright calls coaching the senior cheerleaders “the toughest choreography experience [she’s] had so far, although they’re really fun to work with.”

Senior Athena McPartland feels that the senior team has “some real quality” with quarterback Kaylee Arthur and running back Jay House. “It feels awesome, and I know we’re going to win again,” McPartland says.

Junior Rostin Ahmadi says not to count the juniors out yet.

“Although the seniors are good, the juniors will win,” Ahmadi says. “Watch out for our secret plays.”

Only time will tell if lightning can strike twice.

The Powderpuff game is at 5:30 p.m. today.

-Chris Good

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