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Public Policy Club joins forces with Middlebury Institute to work toward nuclear disarmament

Published Oct. 3, 2023


Carmel High School’s Public Policy Club plans to partner with the Middlebury Institute of International Studies for a nonproliferation project set to span the entire school year. 

The club’s foray into the Critical Issues Forum, a project-based outreach program for high school students across the globe, partnering with schools spanning multiple continents, is a first for the Public Policy Club and the school as a whole.

“Joining with the CIF will be an incredible opportunity for the club as a whole to learn about nuclear disarmament and to be involved in these important conversations,” club president Marcus Michie says. 

The initiative will reach its peak at the end of this school year when the Public Policy Club hopes to attend a multiple-day summit where they will be able to show off their project to other attending schools. 

“We will be researching different aspects of nuclear proliferation and putting together our findings and presenting it to students at Middlebury,” history teacher and club adviser Joe McCarty says.

The Middlebury Institute in Monterey where the Public Policy Club will be collaborating with the Critical Issues Forum. (photo by ALEXANDER FREDERICK)

The club plans to continue the tradition of inviting speakers from all different political backgrounds to come and speak to members about issues facing this generation. Michie plans to invite speakers who can provide insight on the nonproliferation issue.

These speakers include Misako Toki, a senior project manager at the Middlebury Institute who came to Carmel High at the beginning of the school year to talk about nuclear nonproliferation. Toki is one of the lead coordinators for the CIF and helps educate high school students about the importance of nuclear disarmament and the importance of youth participation in nonproliferation initiatives. 

The Public Policy Club is set to start its work on the project in the coming weeks. 

“The project will most likely have students doing optional work outside of school,” Michie says. “Students will not be forced to do extra work, but can choose to do extra work to improve the project.” 

This new step off campus for the Public Policy Club is a big change for the club as it has never been able to collaborate on such a large scale. Last year, the club attended the Leon Panetta Lecture Series at the Panetta Institute simply as guests. This year, the Public Policy Club will be taking these global issues into their own hands and contributing to local discussions about nuclear disarmament. 

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