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‘Project Runway’ spin-off does not ‘make it work’

I will admit I watch “Project Runway.” Since I don’t binge-watch far worse shows such as “Jersey Shore” or “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” I am not embarrassed to say “Project Runway” is my guilty pleasure. Something about watching young starving artists trying to make it in the fashion world can be entertaining.alyssa milano1

“Project Runway” has made it 12 seasons, but the spin-off “Project Runway All-Stars” does not live up to the original show.

Besides the producer-created drama, it is interesting to see what the designers are able to create with limited time, resources and money. With Heidi Klum as host of the show, Tim Gunn as the designer’s mentor and judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, the judging on the original “Project Runway” seems fair, and the runway shows are entertaining.

As far as “All Stars,” the idea of the show is fine—designers that did well but didn’t win their seasons get another chance to win the prize. But the execution is not so great.

Trying to watch Alyssa Milano host a reality TV show is like a freshman on the first day of school: awkward and out of place. To be fair, being compared to Heidi Klum is nearly impossible. After all, few can compete with a tall, blonde and German Victoria’s Secret model. However, Milano has a lot of room for improvement. I usually just fast-forward through all the parts where she speaks.

What are even worse are the commercial tie-ins that seem to get worse every episode. Between the QVC accessory wall, the endless supply of Resource brand natural spring water, Brother sewing room, Alterna hair salon, Mary Kay makeup studio, Hp tablets that the designers are provided and challenges sponsored by fashion brands like Milly, one begins to feel that “Project Runway All Stars” is just a giant advertisement.

While advertising is paramount in the fashion and television industries, it is just over the top when they quote a designer saying, “I could really use some Resource natural spring water.” Right…as if people go around actually verbalizing what brand of water they want to drink.

The people at “Project Runway” should simply stop trying to make spin-off shows. Previous ones like “Models of the Runway” and “Project Accessory” only lasted a few seasons, so clearly these things do not work out well.

So while I don’t mind the original “Project Runway,” “All-Stars” needs a serious makeover.

-Edie Ellison

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