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Practice rooms closed following student mischief

Recently, the CHS music room has been an area of sophomoric student behavior.

“Basically, it was just a problem at break and lunch, with people taking food back into the practice room,” music teacher Brian Handley says. “People were eating their meals and throwing their trash behind the pianos. I’m talking moldy sandwiches and sour milk cartons.”

Handley wants to address the issue calmly.

“There’s part of me that thinks about completely banning all foods in the practice room,” Handley says. “But I also can appreciate the fact that if a student wants to come in here and practice, I’d like to encourage that. I want to foster that.”

At first, Handley locked the practice rooms for a short time and put up notices, requesting more respect. As the point has become clear to students, Handley has unlocked the rooms again.

While no more defacement has occurred in the last week, Handley plans to keep a sharp eye on students in hopes that he can keep the practice rooms open for those who wish to use them.

-Sam Graves


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